Reimagine what's possible.

Founded by Ben Lynch in 2020 and premised upon a "100-year horizon", 2120 is a venture studio company that creates and invests in ambitious ideas that have the potential to produce significant long-term value for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Together alongside strategic investment via a group of passionate Kiwis, we tackle projects where we believe our unique skills, experience, insights and patience can add outsized value helping to create a more sustainable, diverse, prosperous and thoughtful future for generations of New Zealanders to come.


Akahu is a critical piece of our National Digital Infrastructure (NDI) enabling secure, seamless sharing of financial data and payments between any consenting participant.


Dolla is an intelligent, API driven low cost domestic payments network for New Zealand.

Launching soon


Jude enables you to aggregate your finances into a single app and setup an unlimited number of "rules" or "triggers" to automate all aspects of your financial life.

Launching soon